it's getting warmer...

It's getting warmer! It's officially above zero today, lol. I know the Canadian weather isn't all that interesting, but I can't help but get really excited that it's actually a little bit warm out. I can't wait for the sunshine and all the spring blossoms. All the pretty flowers are the best part of Spring! In which case, i'm loving these photos by Liz Ham. I have a few more of her photoshoots that i'll post another day. Very pretty shots.

Photos: Liz Ham


Sarah*I'm Over It* said...

i can't imagine living in zero degree weather. yikes!

beautiful pictures!

Daniella said...

Well 0˚C, which I think is 32˚F... either way its been in the -20's this winter, lol... so you can see why i'm obsessed with warmer weather! Good thing our summers are really hot!

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