just jackets...

With Spring coming up i've been thinking about some new outerwear... although I do have my new J.Crew trench to wear soon. So for now i'll just dream about these pretty jackets. Here's a few more of my favs:

The Frenchie Slicker - J.Crew... adorable, and well... it's J.Crew.
The Belted Trench - Old Navy...everyone is talking about this great find!
The Cotton Trench - Banana Republic... ah the classic.
Silence & Noise Tweed Jacket - Urban Outfitters... everyone needs a little Chanel-inspiration.
Classic Belted Trench - Smart Set... cheap and chic!
Kuerner's Hill Jacket - Anthropologie... my favourite blue, a little ruffle too!

Enjoy the weekend!

Photos: Marie Claire

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