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For those of us who live in apartments, sometimes we'd rather hand-wash garments then head downstairs to the washers used by god knows how many people, lol. Which is why i'm loving 'THE LAUNDRESS'! I came across their website when they were first starting up their business and since then their product has really expanded!

Lindsey Wieber and Gwen Whiting co-founded 'THE LAUNDRESS', and created a luxury fabric care and specialty detergent line, to take the chore out of laundry. Their line of products come in a range of unique scents – Cedar, Baby, Lady and Classic – and you can get detergent for all kinds of different fabrics. There's even a special detergent for J.Crew cashmere!

They also sell monogrammed garment bags, stain remover, detergent for pet products, fabric conditioner, static release, dryer sheets and much more! There's tons of goodies to choose from and a section for helpful laundry tips.

You can visit 'THE LAUNDRESS' here.
Check out their blog too!


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