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As I mentioned before, i'm still trying to figure out how to decorate and organize my office area... i'm trying to find a balance between pretty things on display and what needs to be tucked away, due to my siamese kitty, lol. I'm not sure if everyone knows this but siamese cats like to chew things - like dogs. But I came across this idea today and I love it! I need a place for all the bits and bobs of paper that i'd like to put on display before filing them. A few strings hung up high across the wall and a handful of tiny clothespins do the trick! I'm so doing this - I have a lot of wall space to fill up with inspiration! And now there's no need for me to hammer in an unsightly corkboard, lol.

Photos: Port2Port


Kastina said...

Ohhh myy god! I think your blog is my long lost twin soul.

Daniella said...

aww, lol... i'm glad to hear that someone likes it! lol.... thanks for stopping by!

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