so excited!...

Today is a great day! I have finally ordered my Mac Book Pro (with a discount!) and I could not be more excited! Finally I will be able to run all my programs without my laptop having a heart attack - and i'll actually be able to see things now on the net! lol... It was getting pretty bad. Not only did i not have a battery (so my laptop was a desktop), I had no CD drive, no mouse, and every single program could not be updated any further. My technology grows quickly! However, I have to say my Powerbook served me well for a long time, but now it's time for a new one! Eee!

Photo: apple.ca


Amanda said...

Yeay!!! That's so great!! :) You've waited long enough for it. hehe

Daniella said...

I know eh? I'm so excited for a working computer! lol

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