ah the weekend...

Finally... the weekend is here! It's been a looong week and i'm looking forward to relaxing. Hope everyone has a warm and sunny weekend!

Photos: Liz Ham


Anonymous said...

Hi Daniella great blog, awhile back you had mentioned that the Hermes trays were at the NY gift show, would you be able to tell me the vendor name? or at least what hall they were in?, I was there as well & don't remember coming across them. thanks for any help you can give to point me in the right direction

Daniella said...

Hi there! I actually found out that info from another blog, I asked where she found them and she told me that I could probably look it up the NY gift show's website and possible look for the vendor on there. Or the site might have a contact number or address and you could ask them if they know which vendor it is specifically. Sorry that's not much help! Everyone is looking for that tray!! lol. It doesn't help that its an antique!.... hope that helps!

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