pretty perfumes...

I'd love to start a little perfume collection on a beautiful mirrored tray for my bedroom. There's so many kinds on my list! And there's tons of gorgeous bottle designs these days. I love the design of pretty pink bottle with a ribbon around it, a crystal-like container with a silver bow, or a pretty glass bottle with an iconic logo... these are some of my favourites along with many more...

Miss Dior Cherie
Coco Mademoiselle

Photos: VOGUE, I Heart Home, Elizabeth L, Unknown - credit to original photographer.

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Sandi said...

oh oh me too! Actually, when I was at some of the antique stores, they had such cute old mirrored trays, and I was SO going to buy one! I got an old vintage wooden box with red velvet inside though (my mom bought it for me) and I put my perfume in there! One day I will blog about it..but the mirrored tray is so glam!!

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