delicately etsy...

I love delicate little pieces of gold jewelry... there's something about those finite little details that make the pieces so pretty! And i'm loving all these finds from Etsy! The little umbrella charm necklace is great for April showers, lol... and the stacked rings are the perfect final touch to a basic outfit! Plus, i'm loving that Marie Antoinette charm, what a great idea! Jeans, white tee and a pretty little necklace is all you need really...

Heart Necklace $24 - One Life Jewelry's 
Umbrella Charm $94 - Michelle Chang  
Stacked Rings $70 - Anne Kiel
Cluster Earrings $13 - Sadie & Leo 
Heart Earrings $28 - Michelle Chang 
Stone Ring $275 - One Stone New York 
Marie Antoinette Charm $27 - Sea Unicorn 

Photos: Etsy


Amy said...

Those are all beautiful - loving the umbrella for spring though - so small and delicate!

Belle said...

These are so beautiful! I really adore delicate jewelry! xx

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