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Q: Does light greyish-blue and espresso brown work?

A: Of course it can! Why not?

A reader posed the question, does light greyish-blue and espresso brown work together? I sure think so! We so often see this colour with whites and light neutrals, but it takes on such a classy feel when you pair it with a deep, dark brown! And with the right accents it can look really great! I love the blue and white linens on the bed, paired with a nice white rug at your bedside. And espresso side tables match perfectly, with white or glass lamps, a few framed photos, silver clock, and a cute little arrangement of white flowers. I'd stick with nice sheer white curtains to cover the window, with a pretty upholstered chair near by to relax in with a good book and cup of tea. And isn't that little mirrored table great? I love it.

As far as i'm concerned I love these colours together, and there's so much you can do with them! Happy decorating!

Photos: House and Home, via Google, Unknown - credit to original photographers.

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dianagirly said...

Oh my goodness-thank you SO MUCH!!! Gorgeous inspiration Daniella! And guess what I just spotted on my local Craigslist-a chair similar to the one in the top photo for only $40. I will have to make it mine now!
Everything looks so grown up and still dreamy-exactly what I want. Thanks again!!

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