happy birthday erin!

It's one of my best friend's birthday today! And since I can't be with her to celebrate (she lives in Bermuda right now - insert jealousy here, lol), I thought i'd do a little bday post! Don't all these cakes and goodies look so delicious though? I'd love to have a full-out tea party one day, pretty frocks and all. Have a great day Erin!

Photos: Amanda Pratt, Sarah Magid, VOGUE Girl, Unknown.


chelsea said...

Oh pretty!! Love your blog.. so pretty!

Daniella said...

Aw thanks!

Danny-Oh! said...

Wow. Simply WOW.
I must say your blog is phenomenal. The images alone keep me coming back. All of this reminds me of a stationery I used to work at in San Diego called the Seaside Papery. You might want to check out their website, you would love evrtyhing they have.
Anyway, never stop blogging! lol It's truly one of the best blogs I'm following. =)

...love Maegan said...

oh this is so beautiful!

Daniella said...

Thank you! That's so nice to hear, i'm glad your liking my blog! lol... i'm going to check out that stationery place. Thanks!

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