matt and nat...

Sticking with the Earth Day theme... I had to do a little something on green fashion, specifically Matt & Nat bags. Every bag is made with fake or recycled something, like faux suede, vegan leather, or recycled bottles and yet - the bags look great!  And they have tons of styles and colours as well... definitely "eco-chic", lol.

Photos: Matt & Nat


luvmechoos said...

Very nice for Eco friendly bags. Gilt is featuring Matt & Nat on todays sales.

Kara @ KSS said...

Oooh I really like the second from the bottom.

alisaan said...

Amd let's be honest - Mat & Nat are tres tres chic!! I love their bags and have gone ape-wild over them (read: bought 3 bags and 1 wallet in one sitting).

They last forever and are so different from what everyone else has.

Big props.

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