rainy days...

Rainy, rainy day today... I think it should be a necessity to have a bright, beautiful umbrella for such days. My basic black one seems to add the the dreariness of the day, lol. Although, if your street was covered in umbrellas like this, you may not even need one! For the rest of us, check out some pretty parasols at umbrella.net.

Photo: Unknown - Credit to original photographer.


miya kyoko said...

I love this photo. It reminds me of Les parapluies de Cherbourg. Thanks for the constant supply of charming images!

Daniella said...

you're welcome!

Elena said...

hello, im from Spain , Alicante
where this photo come from hahaha
in fact i took one in the same place, two summers ago, is a temporal urban intervention

Daniella said...

Elena - it was from Flickr i believe a looong time ago, but I couldn't find out which Flickr account... A lot of bloggers have been trying to find out... Is it yours??! It's such a pretty photo.

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