speaking of IKEA...

Isn't IKEA great? Seriously, the place has everything you need for pretty decent prices, sometimes even super cheap! I've always loved this cute little BOLLO balcony set but I never get around to buying it... this year I think I will though. I have a rot-iron set I think I might sell, and then purchase this cute little set-up. So inexpensive too! I love the nice, simple shape to the set. Add a few potted plants, a delicious drink and your set to relax!

BOLLO chair - $25
BOLLO table - $29
KANARP rug - $6.99
SALVIA watering-can - $14.99

Check out IKEA's summer line here.

Photos: IKEA


Amos2526 said...


your blog is feel good.


Daniella said...

Aw thanks!

Economista said...

I like you blog very much! Great pictures!

alisaan said...

I actually really enjoyed that collection from Ikea but whenever I see it in store it feels...flimsy. Is that just me?

But it's such a cute set and it FOLDS AWAY!!! Big plus when you live in a rental bachelor in the heart of Toronto!

Daniella said...

I know! It's cute but i'm not sure how it'd how up... good for like 60 bucks though!

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