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Decorative tape is a huge trend right now! There's all kinds of tape patterns popping up everywhere. The latest is a one-stop shop where you can find all kinds of designs to satisfy your tape needs. 

Called TapeSwell, they have "a unique line of one of a kind decorative packing tapes." Here you can find tons of designs from lace to Christmas cheer, to decorate everything from mailing packages to moving boxes. Even design companies are getting in on this idea! Check out HeyDays here, and scroll through their portfolio. (The third image in the set on their own branding is designer tape.) 

So great how something so simple can be jazzed up! Love it.

Photos: TapeSwell

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dianagirly said...

I have a few of these myself. LOVE THEM! They are awesome on gifts wrapped in plain butcher paper. ;)

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