wild prints...

How do you feel about animal prints in decor? I never really liked animal prints in general, but i'm kind of liking it in single doses on a clean, crisp white backdrop. The huge zebra rug (assuming its fake...lol) adds a nice punch of personality! Plus, a classic chair in a wild print also adds some fun to a formal room. I'm liking it!

Photos: Paul Costello, Unknown - credit to original photographer.


Danielle said...

I have my eye on a double elephant painting. it's massive. does that count.

I really like animal prints I thik if its done well it can look great

dianagirly said...

I agree that if it's a simple piece then it looks fabulous. Or if it's small pieces in a collection in an otherwise "clean" room.
I've been thinking about a zebra chair for my office, may have to just reupholster one myself though due to the cost!

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