brilliant branding...

I'm in love with this branding for Sant Ambroeus, an early morning espresso bar and sophisticated late-night restaurant. Being one of Milan's most famous upscale restaurant brands, they had Mucca Design create new branding for their new flagship restaurant in Manhattan. I love how traditional, yet modern it is at the same time. Their website is so adorably sweet looking too. I want to buy gelato from them based purely on the look of their logo, lol. 

Photos: Mucca Design


Juliet said...

Hi Daniella,

I'm a fellow "Blogging Your Way" classmate. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog and have been browsing through all of your posts.

I also want to let you know that I mentioned you in today's post on www.urbannestblog.com. I'm excited for the all the great stuff you have to share!

Juliet :: Urban Nest

Anonymous said...

I so look forward to your posts. You have a terrific blog! I live in NJ and will definitely visit Sant Abroeus this summer. Enjoy your weekend. Susan

Daniella said...

That's so cool that you're able to go! If you do, let me knwo what it's like. I love those bakery/restaurant type places that are so European... very cool!

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