early morning sun...

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! Don't you just love the early morning sun? So bright and beautiful, and calm for a few short minutes before the day starts. And such a great change from the bleak winter skies we had for so long. Sometimes it's almost worth getting up early for no reason... or just for a relaxing cup of coffee. Hmmm, maybe I have time for Starbucks today... enjoy the day everyone!

Photos: Garance Doré, Unknown - credit to original photographers.


Kristin said...

Great post... Unfortunately it wasn't a sunny morning for me! It's pouring down rain. :-)

I want that coffee mug in the first picture.

pillow mint said...

lucky for you if your monday morning was bright and sunny.
i woke up in a cloud.

M.R. said...

Your blog is fantastic. You are so deserving of a blog award, so here's one from me!


Daniella said...

Hopefully it gets sunny soon for you girls!

And thank you so much for the blog award! That's so nice :)

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