good morning!

Ah the weekend... i'm so excited I get to sleep in and relax for not two, but three days! Long weekends are great. I bet these flower print sheets are super comfy, so adorable! Plus, I wouldn't mid waking up to a pretty flower on my pillow. So sweet. Hope your all having a lovely weekend!

Also, stumbled upon this post this morning! Thanks so much Michelle! Check out Design Evolution. 

Photos: Polly Wreford


Heather S Thompson said...

Thanks for your message. Dont mean to imply that you post too often. I think its great! Im very impressed. (overall). your blog is a like a breath of fresh air. feels so nice and easy. wondered if you have a 120X70 size banner that i could add to my friends list ? what do you think?

pillow mint said...

ooohhh, daniella! i wonder who makes that bedding?!

Daniella said...

I know! I was wondering too... hmmm maybe the photographer will know? I might email... if I find out i'll let you know!

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