move it...

I've been thinking lately I need a fun summer activity, something engaging, otherwise I just get bored. Maybe pilates, yoga, running, or hiking. I'm not quite sure yet though. Yoga might do some good! I love this shoot with Giselle, from VOGUE a few years ago. Sort of sporty chic - for me anyways, because this is as sporty as I get, lol.

Anyone have some thoughts on a fun, summer activity?

Photos: Patrick Demarchelier


Miz.November said...

What a beautiful blog you have. Glad I found it through Creature Comforts.
Try yoga! On top of being great for your body, it leaves you feeling more focused and relaxed. Can't beat that.

Daniella said...

Thank you! I'll have to thank Creature Comforts too, that's so nice of her. I think I may actually try some beginner's yoga... we'll see!

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