dreaming of italy...

So since it's Sunday and I have have time to dream (well, not really, lol) I thought i'd post some Italian inspiration. I've been before to Rome, and up in the mountains to visit family, but i'd love to go back again! There's so many other places to see. I miss that relaxed European feel... is anyone going on any fun vaca's this summer? 

Photos: First three - VOGUE, .v, VOGUE, next two from Flickr, Amanda Pratt


Sarah Klassen said...

Great collection! I would love to know more about that dress in image 01 - it's so pretty and well-designed, very unique!

While I was in France this past September, I visited Marseilles, and was so close, I could almost touch Italy. Can't wait to return as well, there's nothing like the European lifestyle - I totally agree with you. I hope to move there as soon as I am able...but for now, I will look at wonderful images, such as these, close my eyes, and dream~

Hope your weekend was lovely~

sarathira sukiman said...

wonderful photos! ive never been to europe but am planning to definitely! they have the most beautiful countries in the world, and missing out would be such a loss :)i just found your blog, and im hooked! your pictures makes me float. cant wait to browse page 2! take care.

Clarity said...

Just beautiful, I was born there but never lived there so I have a semi-nostalgic desire for Italy.

Where is that coastal point (second from bottom)? So beautiful and to sail there, dreamy.

Daniella said...

I know! Don't you just want to vaca there... i'm not sure where the coastal point is from, there's so many beautiful spots in italy!

The dress is from the pages of VOGUE, i'll take a look tonight, see if I can find out who it's by!

Blair said...

Oh, what lovely images! I have never been to Europe (I am super scared of flying) but these photos may just get me over that fear!

Paula Grace Halewski said...

YES! I am dreaming about Italy. How did you know:)

Anonymous said...

come and meet me in rome , then!
i live just halfway between rome and tuscany (i know i'm lucky) i'm a tour guide and, well, i love your blog, so if your planning to come to my country i'd be glad to take you around in my little fiat panda!
un bacio, ciao


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