nailhead trim...

Good morning! It's officially Friday. I came across these few images last night, and i'm loving the nailhead trim. Makes for a nice neat finish to each piece. I love the first headboard! The curved trim look so feminine, very pretty! Do you own any pieces with this kind of detailing?

P.S. That dresser is actually an IKEA dresser - painted and stained with new handles. Can you believe it?

Photos: Decor 8, Google 


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

I loooove that soft pink chair!
hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah Klassen said...

So classic and pretty! A while ago, I rescued a very chic, but unwanted chair that was going to be thrown out - it was sitting on the street, covered in ugly, torn fabric. I couldn't just drive by, so I rescued it, purchased a wonderful, crisp leather look-alike to recover it in, and am considering using studs as the finishing touch!

Also, I cannot believe that is an IKEA dresser - a little imagination and work and it looks like a new, custom piece! Wonderful - have a really nice weekend! :)

Daniella said...

That's so great! I bet it looks awesome. I always wonder what the original owner would think if they saw their totally renewed pieces, lol.

Both of you have a great weekend!

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