good monday morning!

Goodmorning and welcome to a new week! I already have a huge to-do list, but most of my boxes are unpacked and I just need to organize and clean up. So happy I got to wake up with bright morning light this morning, it makes it so much easier to get moving... now only if I looked this chic with my morning coffee, lol.

Photo: Unknown - credit to original photographer.


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

I would not complain if I looked half the way she looks in the mornings! lol

pillow mint said...

could i please look like her for one morning of my life?! damn.

Miz.November said...

I am such a country girl, but it would have to be magical to walk out on your balcony and see that beautiful view. Ha! The city, not the model.

luvmechoos said...

Seriously, I look like Rosanna Anna Danna first thing in the morning! Congrats on your new digs. Can't wait to see the pics and how you dress design and decorate your place!!

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