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I love all the images out there that conjure up ideas of the perfect Sunday, lazily lounging around in the comfiest pj's, taking your time to eat breakfast and read a little, or simply just relax in bed all day. I wish all my Sundays were this wonderful... but with a little help from Tanya over at Captivate Me, I can still feel a little bit of that lazy Sunday feeling whenever I want to! In which case, i'm very excited she agreed to pick some lovely photos for a Just Another Lazy Sunday post... as well as answer a few questions, Dress, Design & Decor style...

What is your favourite item of clothing?
My current favorite item of clothing would be the blazer. I'm completely obsessed with all the different looks you can accomplish with it! Lately, I've been fixated on Elizabeth and James' blazers – I just love the elongated look and fit of them.

Who are your favourite designers?
My all-time favorite clothing designer would have to be Valentino. I just can't get enough of his timeless designs and his knack for maintaining the classic elegance he's become famous for for all these years. I've also become infatuated with the designer, Steven Leung – his home designs are fabulously decadent all the while incorporating a splash of his signature modern simplicity.

What do you love the best about your home?
Definitely my husband :-) (a close second of course, would have to be my closet – I've been caught petting some of my clothes).

(And) for my Lazy Sunday post, I absolute ADORE these two photos by Magnus Magnusson. Hope you like them!!

Thanks Tanya!

Photos: Magnus Magnusson


Alluring Interiors said...

Fabulous pics...Great interview!

FabBlab said...

Aw. I love Captivate Me. And I'm sort of getting hooked to yours too. I'll definitely be back for more. Want to swap links? XO

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