tropical bliss...

I'm dying to go on a tropical vacation with the bf, but it looks like it may be an idea for next year. I'd love to relax for a week in the sun and sand (with my SPF40 of course, lol). A co-worker just got back from St. Martin and a day trip to St. Bart's... a french beach, with european flair? Yes, please.

P.S. Those pretty cushions are the work of Megan Park

Photos: Unknown - credit to original photographers, Paul Costello, Absolutely Beautiful Things


Magchunk said...

Love that second picture. Heaven. Man, I could really use a tropical vacay too!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Such inspirational photo's. I happen to live in St Martin.
Take care.

Daniella said...

Wow Anne! What a small world, that must be so great living there!

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