why don't you...

Lately, i've been thinking of starting a feature, something throughout the week, (but probably posted randomly), with a little bit of fun! I have a growing collection of images that are just so wonderful they stand out all on their own and deserve a fun little post!

Enter... Diana Vreeland. The fashion icon with "legendary wit and charm", was known for her time at Harper's Bazaar, VOGUE, and as an ambassador for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. But it was her over the top Why Don't You? column that created a "fashion frenzy". Things like, Why don't you wash you children's hair in champagne?, Why don't you wear violet mittens with everything?, and Why don't you tie black tulle bows on your wrists?, often crossed her column. Practical? No. Fun? Yes! So... let's start shall we?

Why don't you... frolic in the sun and sand, wearing nothing but metallic sequins?

Photos: Russian ELLE, W


andrea despot said...

beautiful post! the girl in the second picture looks like a mermaid :)

Miz.November said...

I swear, you are a genius. This is the coolest idea for a feature! There you go, out-doing yourself again.

Daniella said...

Andrea - It's actually Cameron Diaz! Doesn't she look good?

Miz.November - You are too sweet! Thank you so much. That made my day, lol :)

andrea despot said...

oh wow, i hadn't realized it was cameron diaz! she looks gorgeous!

Her name was Lola said...

Oh, yes, please! I look forward to this series. And what weekend fun: sequins and sunshine!


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