feeling crafty?

Whenever I enter a craft or stationery store I often find myself oohing and ahing over every bit of pretty paper, ribbon, pencils, pens and more. Especially in the Martha Stewart aisle... how can one resist that pretty Tiffany blue packaging? I mean, really?

If you feel the same way, then lucky for you, because Maggie over at Magchunk is organizing a craft swap! Package up some craft supplies you love, and in return you'll receive a package of goodies too. Get all the info here, over at Magchunk. Happy swapping!


rachel said...

Ooo, I love that cup!

Magchunk said...

Thanks for the mention!

Sarah Klassen said...

Nice! Sounds like such a fun idea.

I used Martha's delicate pom poms, paper, and a few other details for a party once before. They worked out in a lovely way ~

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