hot, hot, hot!

Goodmorning and welcome to a new week! It is sooo hot out there, and it's not even 9AM yet! For some reason though, i'm still wearing all black with dark skinny jeans, a tank top of course but I just can't seem to stray from my love of black, lol. Lots to do this week, including getting wedding invitations i've been designing finally printed (can't wait!) and planning for friday's summer get together of champagne and sweets with the girls (i'll try to take some pics!) Hope you have a good week!

Photos: Glamour


Liz Doré said...

It's so hot in Ottawa...But I can't resist wearing jeans either! I love your blog, everything is gorgeous.

Daniella said...

Thank you Liz! Funny how our Canadian summers go from rain to super hot out!

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