it's friday...

And thank goodness for that. I'm having a little trouble getting up today, so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Lots to do today, but nothing a little Starbucks can't handle. This weekend i'm taking a trip to a shoe store that's apparently set up like Home Sense - wall to wall shoes (!) - hopefully I find some shoes for a wedding this fall. And Sunday it's a yummy dinner, as always, with Rick's family... hope you all have a great Friday and that it goes by quickly!


kristin said...

Mmm, Starbucks... I am in dire need of it myself. Do you have a typical drink you always get? I go to Starbucks and order an iced chai SO OFTEN that I am now called "chai chicky"

I do drink other stuff, though! :)

Daniella said...

I know, I love Starbucks, I have a problem, lol. I always get Iced Caramel Latté in the summer, and a Vanilla Latté in the winter.... yum!

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

I love that desk! gorgeous!
hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

Sarah Klassen said...

Yum -- now I'm craving something sweet, lol. I heard that they are serving pumpkin spice lattes already! Ahh, where did summer go?

I can't believe it's Friday already -- this week has flown by, but I have accomplished much of my to-do list, so it feels fulfilled.

Have fun this weekend! I hope you find the perfect pair of shoes :)

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