whew, great weekend...

Officially exhausted, but had a great weekend. Thank you for all your well wishes, the bachleorette was a lot of fun!

We started the day in Toronto at a pole dancing class - yes, pole dancing - it was hilarious! All in good fun, but I have to say, it's actually kind of hard to do! We got some great pics of that though. Later we headed back to the hotel, got all dressed up, and headed out for a great night... dinner at Il Fornello's (italian, yum...) and dancing later at Smooze.

Odd part of the night? The bathrooms at Smooze have two-way mirrors in the stalls. So you can see someone behind you washing their hands, checking their make up in the mirror, or fixing their hair, but they can't see you in the stall right in front of them! SO WEIRD, but hilarious to watch people fix themselves without them knowing.

Long story short, i'm so happy we all had a wonderful time, and i'm even more excited for the wedding on Friday!

Photo: Unknown (I think from Captivate Me, sorry! If anyone can comfirm, let me know!)


MMW said...

Toronto? Toronto? I'm FROM Toronto - now living in Pacific NW USA. Hooray for my Homeland!

I can hardly wait to hear more about pole dancing. woot!

Farfallina said...

That sounds like a whole lot of fun! Great picture!
Greets, Farfallina

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh wow that sounds like so much fun!

Simone said...

Sounds like a great girly week-end! :)

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