classic + modern...

I love a room with a good mix of modern and traditional decor... I think it's a little hard to balance sometimes, but it looks so good! I love the traditional chairs in this kitchen with the smooth white cabinets... and that french bed with with modern side tables... kinda odd but very cool looking! Besides, who can resist those chic, white surroundings?


janie said...


i got your msg. thank you for your comments. if not for you, i would consider my blogging, well, bleh...so thanks!

i did see the burberry from you and thisisglam...but when i got the photos, i forgot which...sorry!

consider it fixed.

thanks for your inspiration and support!


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

These images are just stunning! My mouth fell open when I saw the first one. So beautiful, I love the style of these pictures! The greyish silver chairs in a white kitchen are gorgeous! Thank you!

Magchunk said...

I looove the last one. I'm a sucker for white and gray kitchens. The less color to compete with the food the better!


I think you know how I feel about these all white spaces! I was just thinking about kitchens and these are both really lovely.

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