Speaking of kitchens... do you ever find yourself wandering through home stores, only to come across a beautiful set of glasses, a collection of silverware, or stoneware with a french touch, that you just have to have? There's something I love about things like gorgeous glassware and copper pots... and I really can't cook, yet these pretty items seem like they'd make your food look better, lol. It must be the graphic designer in me - trying to design all the time - but it makes these kind of original pieces worth collecting, don't you think?

Photos: French Country Home, scanned by myself - Dress, Design & Decor


Maria said...

Hi! I borrowed your beautiful pictures to my blog, I hope you don't mind. I've noticed that we have used same pictures in blogs before. I like your blog a lot! :)

Maria from Finland

la reina cotilla said...

I love your blog, your pictures are amazing, so much taste and elegant, it´s so lovely. Congrats!


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