ideal shades of autumn...

Thanksgiving always brings on shades of sunny yellow, glowing wheat, and pumpkin orange... harvest colours of those perfect days of fall - which i'm hoping aren't over! Still looking forward to apple picking and Halloween hay rides... and I seriously need to pick up a few new sweaters this week. Have you purchased any great finds for your fall wardrobe lately? What's on your wish list?

On mine*...
A black blazer
Wooly sweaters that tie around the waist
Leather gloves
Mini boots
A fall dress
Embellished tights


Sarah Klassen said...

Such pretty images, especially the first one!

My favorite purchased items for Fall are:

* a purple, boiled wool sweater/jacket
* a long, gray cardigan with huge pockets
* black Jeggings
* a black blazer + a pewter blazer
* a nude + black dress (very Chanel looking)

What I must buy:

* a new coat (not black!) Maybe camel, magenta or purple
* a new pair of everyday boots

Happy shopping, Daniella :) If you find any of your must-haves, do share!

Daniella said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah! I think I may go look around tonight... I would LOVE a camel coat... gorgeous.

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