close-up + a poetic vid...

Up next, Daria Werbowy, a Canadian favourite ... I always get so excited when I see her on a cover because you just know the editorial is going to rock. Remember this Prada video Thunder Perfect Mind? It's like a little perfume poetry reading... love it.

Photos: FGR


a sweet concoction said...

she's flawless! gorgeous ..i love the purple eyeshadow on her.! fab entry as always



A Life More Fabulous said...

Lol - I had just put the same video in a post for later in the week! Great minds... (also my favourite sexy perfume)

Daniella said...

So weird! I just remembered it from a while ago when I saw these Daria pics early this morning... it's such an interesting little video, it reminds me of documentary style, even though it's not really, lol... know what i mean?

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