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I realized last night that it is most definitely November... there's a chill in the air now and i'm in need of a few winter necessities. Lately i'm loving long black leather gloves, maybe to go with my love of over-the-knee boots this season... a big cosy sweater is on the list... as well as a winter trench-like coat. Being on the petite side, you need that belt with your winter coat or risk being swamped in fabric! *Winter* is on it's way... what's on your list?

Photos: VOGUE UK via FGR


houseofcarney said...

My list consists of:

A pair of black closed toe booties
Cute wool jacket
A couple of long sleeved dresses
A couple of shimmer-y, sequin-y skirts for the holidays!

Jenny Redford said...

I live in LA so my list is much shorter. I can read your list and dream though.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Great list - I want it all!

On my list? Another pair of black boots (I can never have enough), the perfect skinny jeans, and a faux fur shawl :)

Sarah Klassen said...

Perfect list, Daniella. I agree with the belt bit you mentioned. I'm 5'2" and find that so many coats don't work -- they have to be super fitted. Hmm...on my list?

01 Over-the-knee boots (check! As of today)
02 black, lacy tights
03 crisp, white blouse with ruffle/peats
04 Fidelity skinny jeans

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