{dec 1st} it's official...

... The holiday season has finally arrived! Time for list making, gift buying, decorating, baking, sparkly soirées and more... it's such a busy time, i'm sure it'll just fly by... which brings me to my first point – list making. That's right, i'm one of those crazy list people... computer lists, phone lists, post its, notebooks and more... so I was happy to read Kristin's post yesterday over on Discover Interior Design, where she made a list of "Things To Do This Holiday Season"and inspired me to make my own...

So what are my holiday to-do's this year?

1. Write out and mail my Christmas cards to family & friends. It's one of those things you need to do early, and I found the cutest little cards with a hint of "french" to them.

2. Finish scanning ALL my family photos for one giant album i'm making for my Mom. Luckily if I don't make the deadline for Christmas, her birthday is January 2nd – whew.

3. Pick up everyone's gifts early this year, as in the next two weeks. I had it all done early last year and it was GREAT.

3. Get creative with wrapping! I'm thinking kraft paper this year with pretty ribbon or striped string (red or blue), and those adorable manilla hang tags.

4. Drink more hot chocolate – but wait for it to cool down first this time.

5. Enjoy a Misty Mint or two, oh and Ovation Sticks, annnd maybe some After Eight's.

6. Bake my Mom's whipped shortbread cookies - you will LOVE these. Think the good Scottish stuff but soft, fluffy cookie. 1 cup butter, 1 & 1/2 cups flour, 1/2 cup icing sugar... mix, spoon on sheet lined with parchment paper, sprinkle with sprinkles, bake for 15 mins on 350ºF. That's it!

7. Decorate the tree (check!). Wonder for the next 24 days if Miley will take it down the second I leave for work.

8. If Miley destroys tree, next year plan for decor like in the picture above. Love the mini tree on a table with all the presents in a basket below... gorgeous! The colour palette too.

9. Make menu and drink plans with my boyfriend. Our parents are coming to my place this weekend for a holiday get-together. We're thinking a some yummy hors d'oeuvres and chocolate fountain with fruit for dessert – something fun!

10. Drink tea, cuddle up and watch a few Christmas movies of course, with my twinkly tree all-a-glow.

11. Drive out to see the Christmas lights on the block of "fancy" houses just outside my hometown, lol.

12. Book New Year's plans early - a MUST. (check!)

13. And finally... find some time to relax, read a few inspirational books, and focus on a special project for next year, as well as a volunteer opportunity i'm thinking of doing.

What's on your list? Thanks to Kristin for the inspiration!

Photos: MSL scanned by myself.


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh my goodness! such a huuuuge list! I'm not a list person at all. but I'd love to steal some of your points like make menu and drink plans, decorate the tree and especially take time to relax! xo

Bridget said...

After detailing your goal to let you hot chocolate cool down a bit before drinking, I thought I'd point you toward the most amazing of machines...it's called the Cocomotion, and it makes perfectly frothy and wonderfully tasty hot cocoa; just add milk and chocolate, press on, and the cocoa comes out at the perfect temperature and ready to eat! :)


(also, if you're looking for a wonderful holiday movie, go for Christmas in Connecticut - so much fun!)

Michelle said...

I have the exact same thing in mind for wrapping this year.

with such a long list it might be hard to find some time to relax.

Toronto real estate agent said...

Hi. I think it's quite long list with very important things or ideas. I have got the same problem with wrapping. I try to be original every year but it's harder and harder. I'm thinking about hand decorated wrapping paper and some nice ribbon. But I'm afraid that time invested in it will be wasted. It would be good to reuse it for the next year but it cannot be destroyed.

Good luck,

Daniella said...

Haha i know, long list, I probably won't get it all done, but like to write it all out! lol

Amanda said...

Those cookies look so tasty! hehe

Daniella said...

I know! I want to make shortbread asap now too, lol.

Miz.November said...

Ok. First off, those cookies sound delish. I adore cookies with sprinkles.
I also wrap with kraft paper. I was thinking of writing and drawing all over the packages this year. The persons name and cute things that remind me of them. We'll see if I actually get that done!

Hello, Bombshell! said...

I would love to see your holiday cards! Could you put up a photo of them? I am going to make mine this year--hope they turn out!
Take care,

Daniella said...

Miz. November - What a great idea! That would be so cute.

Hello, Bombshell - There's a link to cards within my post, just roll your cursor over "found the cutest little cards".... hmmm maybe I should change my links to a darker grey so people know they're clickable...

Sarah Klassen said...

I love your list!

I just made a massive, heart attack inducing list the other day, and have crossed off 5 things already *yahoo! Btw, I am convinced that we were separated at birth :)

Leslie said...

inspiring list! thanks for sharing, love the cards.

Kristin said...

Aww, I'm glad my list inspired you to create your own! Truth is, I'm a list fanatic, too. I make daily to-do lists the night before, I have post-its covering everything... I mean, you name it, there's probably a list for it. I can't help it. :-) It makes me feel much more organized.

♥Simply Seductive said...

Hi Daniella,

I'm definitely trying out the shortbread recipe this weekend. Thanks.

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