ah ha!

Late last night I had one of those aha! moments... i've been struggling with what to put on my walls... a huge painted canvas? a college of frames? simple trio of prints?... and then I realized i'm never going to decide on something because my inspiration changes so often. I have to be able to change things up.

So what about one giant inspiration board? A huge 4 x 12 ft cork board, I could cover with fabric to act as a canvas for everything and anything i'd like to pin up... magazine tears, fashion photos, etsy prints, my pics of Paris... one big ever-changing work of art. Now that would make for a great conversation piece! ... what do you think?

gap + garance in london...

For those of you in London... you are SO lucky... GAP and Garance Doré have teamed up to set up an exhibition of her drawings and photos, and have printed these gorgeous tees with her sketches (read more here)! I would kill for one of these... I have been collecting all her little sketches in a folder since I came across her blog... great inspiration!


Good morning and welcome to a new week... wishing my walk to work was along the gorgeous Seine with bright morning light and a beautiful view. I have to get myself a black blazer soon. Have a great morning everyone!

Photos: H&M


back in black...

This weekend my mother and aunt came shopping with me and the whole event had a familiar tune...

Mom: "Black? Again Daniella? Why don't you try on this bright pink?"
(Mother holds scarf to face)
Mom: "See! It looks great!"
Daniella: "No thanks Mom, I like the warm grey though..."
Aunt: "What about this red dress?"
Daniella: "Does it come in black?"
(Mom & Aunt whisper to themselves about what colours I should be wearing)
Daniella: "I can hear you."

This scenario played out about 10 times... lol. I just love black! Is that such a crime? It goes with everything, it can be dressed up all Paris chic, and dressed down with a slight rocker edge... you can match anything, and everything looks great together... what's to lose? I say, back with black! How do you feel about black?

Photos: H&M "Back in Black"

happy sunday + an interview...

Goodmorning and happy Sunday! My weekend has been great so far... got some new over-the-knee Steve Madden boots, and navy blue wellies (I can't wait for rain now, lol). As well as a perfect little black tee to go with my new tweed skirt. I'll have to post some pics later this week. Off to a yummy turkey dinner tonight as well... hope your weekend has been great!

But for now... what would you bring with you if you were stranded on an deserted island? Check out my answers here, on Her Name Was Lola... great questions and a blog I know you'll love... it was fun to participate!

Photos: Tatielle, Flickr


have a wonderful weekend...

I really can't get over all the goodies at Restoration Hardware... like lovely striped bedding, and a glamorous pendant – perfect for your dressing room. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend... and I have to leave some links with some great finds from this week... I want the stuffed eiffel tower, even though i'm not 2, lol.

Some new friends here & here...

P.S. Do you prefer links to open in a new window, or go straight to the new site? Thanks!

Photos: Restoration Hardware

it's friday...

And thank goodness for that. I'm having a little trouble getting up today, so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Lots to do today, but nothing a little Starbucks can't handle. This weekend i'm taking a trip to a shoe store that's apparently set up like Home Sense - wall to wall shoes (!) - hopefully I find some shoes for a wedding this fall. And Sunday it's a yummy dinner, as always, with Rick's family... hope you all have a great Friday and that it goes by quickly!


endless summer...

A little cooler today, and yesterday for that matter, which has me worried about where the summer thinks it's going. In an attempt to have that endless summer feeling, I had to round up some bright, sunshiny photos... like perfect little tea tins for flowers from the garden, fabrics in all kinds of detailed patterns, bright solid colours and sunkissed locks, all with a gorgeous orange hue... I just want summer to last forever...

could you imagine?

... if your home had a waterway complete with it's own little gondola? How dreamy is that? Can't you just picture yourself floating around on a summer's afternoon while the sun peaks through the cracks, refreshing drink in hand... so relaxing... oh! and at night it would be so romantic...

Photos: Veranda

well marbled...

My creative director and I were talking about Restoration Hardware today and their fabulous sinks, which led to how much I love white marble bathrooms... instant luxury and so spa-like. But I also realized how great it looks in every other room in the house! Kitchen counter tops or back splash, bathroom counters, floors, and console tables... every room is so soothing, don't you think? Oh and I love the little pop of lavender... perfect scent for the bathroom too.

Photos: Living Etc., Desire to Inspire, Katya de Grunwald, DecorPad, Janet Lohman, Kohler


chignons & french twists...

I have so much admiration for a perfect chignon or french twist. It just looks so elegant and graceful on everyone. Sophisticated and so fashionable... the perfect hairstyle for a night out. Now I just need to be able to style it this well...

why don't you?

Why don't you... dress as a modern-day Audrey and window shop at your favourite store?

Photo: Lovelyish


a place in paris...

Wishing I had my own little place in Paris to vacation to throughout the year... with solid front doors and a pretty little entry. I love the look of a square, white, modern armchair with more rustic, french surroundings... waking up in the morning to a perfect little espresso and a view of the city - perfection. One day...

Photos: Studio Cabrelli, She Left On A Monday, A Life More Fabulous, All The Best, Apartment Therapy
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