it's friday...

It's Friday! Even though this week seems to have flown by, i'm feeling quite ready for some rest... whew. Always a lot going on, right? I'm sure you're all the same! I'm planning on taking it easy this weekend, catching up on a new book I started, and flipping through some new mags for inspiration & some photography to share with all of you! I'm loving the luxurious palette of these photos with the sepia tone... deep purple, gold, green and black... beautiful.

Have a great Friday!

Photos: Giselle for Harpers Bazaar UK by Alexi Hay via TFS


Helmi said...

I Love your blog! Really enjoy the pictures and the whole blog :) I`m a 18 years old girl from Finland!

Have a nice weekend!

Sandra said...

...and it´s simply Gisele, our proud and joy*.Enjoy the weekend and congrats for the beautiful and elegant blog!
Sandra, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil(Gisele is Brazilian)

Daniella said...

Helmi - So sweet! I'm glad you dropped by, thank you.

Sandra - Thanks so much! And yes, Gisele is such a great model! She never changes, lol. Lucky you in warm Brazil btw! It's coooold here.

Life is a Runway said...

wow this is simply gorgeous.
i look forward to reading your blogs!


Destination Inspiration said...

ooh I bought a new book this weekend too, but yet to start it just yet. Hope you had a fabulous weekend :)

Hayley said...

these photos are beautiful

Pamela said...

Very pretty pics!

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