{guest post} low-key, yet loads of fun...

What I've really, really been in the mood for these past few weeks is a little road trip to Boise, Idaho. I remember going there as a little girl to visit family, and more recently after graduating high school a few years ago for a cousin's wedding. On my most recent trip, we stayed in the impeccably-designed Modern Hotel and Bar. I've been dying to go back and stay there, and have just the laziest little trip I can imagine!

I want to go with my sweet fiance, who has never visited Boise. I am naturally a very early riser, and he is not, so I plan on bringing a full supply of books to curl up and read while he takes in his sleepy mornings. I'm imagining sneaking out at the crack of dawn to collect up some tasty coffee or tea, then tiptoeing back in and snuggling up with my warm drink and perhaps a good Banana Yoshimoto book, or my favourite cookbook, Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights. When my boy finally starts stirring, I'll wiggle him awake and we'll take a spring-air stroll down Main Street and eat a delightful breakfast at the scrumptious La Vie En Rose Bakery and Bistro – maybe a fresh fruit tart and a little poached egg on the side. Definitely time for another yummy drink, too – my weakness when I'm being self-indulgent! We would of course have to take a little shopping adventure, as there is an Anthropologie in Boise that I have yet to see, and the boy is kindly tolerant of my proclivity for frolicking about for hours in that store.

After that, we might drive over to Eagle, Idaho to dine at the mouth-watering Da Vinci's, where I once ate the most delectable fettuccine alfredo I have ever tasted in my life! Since I like big lunches and smaller dinners, I imagine we'd have a nice little full-bellied rest back at the hotel, maybe another walk to clear our heads and help us digest all the pasta we've eaten! In our exploring we might find a little sandwich shop or cafe and have some tasty soup, followed by a return to the hotel to appreciate their lovely bar and a carefully-concocted drink or two. Since we're movie-junkies, I figure we'll take the opportunity to watch some we've been wanting to see. Of course, I will bring a few trusty cameras on the trip, and we can wander aimlessly and click away to our hearts' content. When we first met, little picture-taking excursions were one of our favourite activities...

A little low-key for a trip, but also a much-needed break from busy days at home!

- Meisha

Photos: 1 & 8 Henrik Bulow via FGR, 2, 4 & 5 via hotel site, 3 & 6 Bonnie Eats, 7 by *Cinnamon via Flickr


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh what a beautiful post...so inspiring.
xxx DJ

The Iconic Blog.com said...

Sounds lovely. Often it is the local trips that remain the most memorable.x

joanna said...

oh that just sounds like the perfect weekend getaway. you just made me miss my man! stunning photos. love how graphic the first one is with the black & white, skin and red nails. happy weekend.

Fashion of Photos said...

Sounds absolutely lovely.




jessica | destined to design said...

LOVE this collection of photos - great post.

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