classic dramatic...

Classic in black & white and the occasional bright, yet simple shot. I love photoshoots like this one where it's all about the look... bright, bold, dramatic and chic... perfect, no?

Photos: By Alexi Lubomirski for Harpers Bazaar UK - June 2010 via FGR


sophie said...

definitely perfect! cheryl cole looks amazing, she is so so so stunning!
lovely post :)


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

You delight my day,dear Daniella,thank you!!!-)*

These photos are beyond cute:-)))*


Simone said...

I thought it was Cheryl Cole and then I thought it wasn't LOL!!

GORGEOUS shots, he is a genius photographer.

Daniella said...

Sophie - Stunning indeed!

Violetta - Thank you so much! You are too sweet, thanks for your email too...

Simone - lol, yes... it is cheryl cole! they are quite gorgeous aren't they?

Sarah Klassen said...

Very much so! Hope you're having a wonderful week, friend! xoxo

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