art meets matter...

Combining my love for books and coffee, I am loving these little Penguin Books espresso cups! Recently discovered on Katie Quinn Davies site through Design Sponge, I just had to track them down! Unfortunately it looks like they're sold out right now... but I'm wondering if I could convince a local bookstore to bring them in? Maybe, just maybe?

Photo: Katie Quinn Davies, Art Meets Matter


Karena said...

I think Barns and Noble would snap at the chance! Wonderful and very contemporary!

Art by Karena

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

These are perfect! I want a set.

andrea said...

i just noticed these a few days ago on katie's blog too! i went searching for them and came to the same end as you :(

but books and coffee are 2 of my favorite things as well! so i want them!

have you seen the penguin book cover postcard set yet? *swoon*


Brittany said...

I drink from the coffee cup version of these each morning. My dad bought me a set of the "1984" cover as a birthday gift (I was born in 1984). I love them so much I am starting to do everything in Penguin Orange.

Kirby said...

Have to have these!


روزه..~ said...

Hello ..
I ROoro I'm a fan of your blog dress, design, decor is very nice like it really

Will you allow me to quote the image of them?? I want to lay it down on my blog ..

Thanks in advance

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Super cute! Perfect for a cute coffee shop!! Hope your day is going great!!

Daniella said...

Karena - Yes, I was hoping maybe Chapters here would order them in!

Connie - I'm hoping I can find a Canadian retailer... i'll share if i do!

Andrea - Yes! The postcards are awesome... they have them at my local bookstore, I was going to get them for a postcard society i'm in...

Brittany - Aw, what a lovely gift! And lucky you, the mugs are pretty cool as well.

Kirby - That they are!

Rooro - I'm not totally sure I understand your request! It's ok to use images from my blog as long as you link back to Dress, Design & Decor with a clickable link. Please do not copy whole posts though. Thanks!

Sasha - I know right? I've had this vision of a bookstore/cafe but like on a smaller scale... the whole shop lined with books, how cool would that be?

Cookie Cutter said...

Major swooning! it's gonna be even harder to get my hands on these over here.

Carissa said...

oh man. this is perfect! <3

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