backyard beauty...

All I can think about lately is a beautiful, backyard evening... relaxing into the night, with a delicious meal and drink in hand... wouldn't this place be gorgeous at night with a few votive candles flickering in the dark?

Photos: Veranda May - June 2004 via Trouvais, Cote Ouest Fev - Mar 2005 via Linen & Lavender


Life of Mrs. Peters said...

oh how i love the ivy growing up
sides of buildings!
i happened across your blog
the other day and loving it!

have a lovely day!

Cookie Cutter said...

I'll love to have tea in that beautiful backyard! It'll be bliss!


Daniella, how do you find the most splendid things to post for all of us who love you & your blog? Great work, cookie...xx's

Emily said...

A wonderful place to sit with a relaxing cup of tea and few close friends. Beautiful.

Caitlin @ Sacramento Street said...

What a beautiful place. I could see myself sitting out there for hours talking to friends. Thanks for sharing this amazing space!

Tara Dillard said...

There isn't a garden pic you post that doesn't melt my heart.

Kindred spirits.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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