happy weekend...

Hello! Wishing you all a belated happy weekend as things around here have gotten quite busy... I had been meaning to go away this weekend, but with a few things that have come up I'll be working away instead... Thank you to everyone who dropped by this week and don't forget to enter the Miles of Light giveaway! I'm off to grab a latte... but not without some weekend links of course... have a good one!


agnes szucs said...

I really love your taste and your blog! I sometimes reblog some of your scans at iiiinspired, i hope you don't mind. Please, do come over and pay a visit.
Have a nice sunday!

AF DESIGN said...

beautiful photos. I love how the entire white rooms framed the old/rustic table and cans. Adding a bright flowers can surely embrace the old cans or any old objects. I absolutely love your blogs! =)

Tamara Nicole said...

Such lovely photos dear! I hope your weekend is treating you well:-)

COCOCOZY said...

Love the pale yellow flower close up! So wonderful and beautiful. Just found your blog! Very nice!


Dustjacket Attic said...

Lovely fresh images and thank you for the great links. Have a fab weekend.
xxx Dj

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

love the pictures!! and the links are fabulous!!! Ohh no so sorry you couldn't get out of town.. hope next week you can do it!!!

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