thatch roof beauty...

Quite possibly the most beautiful playhouse I have ever seen in my entire life, I am absolutely in love with this little thatch roof cottage! Complete with a little chair and table for a jug of milk, a basket full of goodies, and a little wooden ladder, I jut can't get over this stunning little hideaway and it's Marie Antoinette feeling... I think this is officially on my list of must-do future projects, along with a little stone hop scotch... What do you think?

*can't stop staring*

Photos: Cote Ouest & Maison & Decor Sept 2007 via Garden Rooms


escapade said...

This photo brings back so many memories! We actually had a thatched playhouse growing up - with little painted shutters and a porch. I totally didn't appreciate it (or my mum's creativity) as much as I do now.

Sarah Klassen said...

oh my word, this is so cute! I love this little cottage -- how fun it would be to decorate :)

fabulous find*

samantha. said...

it looks like something right out of the hobbit! love it!


Nicole* said...

it looks like it's wearing a hair net ... hehe :)

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