happy friday before halloween! + a winner

Oh-so-happy the weekend has almost arrived... and not just any weekend, it's Halloween! I love a chance to get dressed up all fun, and after too much thinking and then packing into the costume store like sardines, I made it out alive with my costume - a police officer! Haha, looks like i'ts an ode to my lovely boyfriend this Halloween (4 more weeks till he graduates from police college!). I'm just happy I get to wear a shiny badge for the day and use a gun that actually shoots darts (i'll have to share a pic on Twitter later)... hope your Friday flies by today and then it's on to Halloween fun...

Also, Wednesday seemed to have escaped me, as I totally forgot to post the winner for the 4 Steven & Chris tickets! Congratulations to Tanya, you've won and i'll be in touch soon!

Photo: via Cest n'est pas un blog

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Haha! Now that's a fun idea for Halloween.
Yes, so excited to, Halloween has always been one of the most fun Holidays plus i'm always happy when weekend is near!


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