sparkling touch...

I am a huge fan of the occasionally pinned brooch on a soft cashmere sweater. It's such a classic touch from chic years past, ladylike and preppy all in one, especially all in glittering diamonds! I've been on the hunt for the perfect snowflake brooch for winter, and had pretty much given up, but now I think i'll my eyes open for something just as pretty as this!

Photo: Scan by Dress, Design & Decor for Vogue Paris Septembre 2010.
Photographer: Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Brooch: Dior Joaillerie.


Copious Couture said...

Gorgeous photo.... Head on over to my blog, I am previewing my new headband collection!


Splendid Sass said...

So dainty and pretty! WOuld love to have this brooch.

Esther said...

i agree, it's an amazing look <3 especially a silver/gold once against a rich coloured sweater. the contrast is stunning. thankyou for the inspiration!

Melissa Blake said...

Stunning!!! :)

daily cup of couture said...

This photo is captivating! Love, love, love


Meet Vanessa said...

Love that idea! I have a martini glass pin that I like to dig out for the holidays!

Darcy Ann said...

love love it! we are always on the hunt for signed vintage brooches on ebay. so nana-chic!

Lila said...

My mother game me my great-grandmother's brooch for my wedding. There's nothing that could have made my dress look prettier!
Lila Ferraro


I totally agree. One simple brooch can take you outfit to a new level, or completely change it. It's one of the thing you'll have you whole lifetime if you invest in a good one.

Julz from hautejolie.blogspot.com

Rachael said...

I agree, this picture is beautiful!


Jenae said...

Yes..Completely beautiful. Brooches will always be classic.They never go out of style for me!



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