the steven & chris show + a giveaway!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was the Steven & Chris show and it turned out to be a lot fun! The guys were absolutely hilarious and the team at CBC were really great (seriously, they were all so nice!), not to mention all the fabulous bloggers. Everyone was taking pictures and tweeting non-stop... great energy all day... "paparazzi" as Chris described, lol. It was so nice to meet some fellow bloggers too! Angele and I ended up in the front row, which was pretty funny, it's so hard not to look directly into the camera when it's three feet in front of you, lol. We all got to enjoy a delicious lunch together... pulled pork sandwiches from the cooking segment, made with Dr.Pepper. Odd, but good! (Hoping they post the recipe soon). Steven & Chris posed for pictures with everyone, which I thought was really nice of them... very cool. After we headed back into the studio for a Q&A session and there were a few laughs, a few "aw" moments (seriously Chris is too funny), and some great insight. I would definitely go back for another taping of the show, so fun!

For one lucky reader though, I have 4 free tickets to give away! So if you'd like to go to the show (a daytime taping in Toronto) please leave a comment below. And if you can't make it to one of the tapings, you can catch the show during the day across Canada and the U.S., as well as online!

I believe the blogger episode is supposed to air this Friday, October 22nd. Looking forward to it!

Thank you to Steven & Chris for inviting us to the show!

Be sure to leave your email address for contact if it's not in your blogger profile and please only enter if the tickets will definitely be put to use. Photos: All taken by myself. A winner will be selected next Wednesday the 27th!


Alleen said...

Thanks for sharing...looks like you had a wonderful time!

On the east coast so I visit isn't in my near future but I will be watching online!


SweDaisy said...


You got some really good shots. It was a great show. Where you the one Chris gave the Pina Colada to? Just started reading your blog. See you at the Blog meet up in November.

Take Care,

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

It definitely was a fun day and I found everyone to be super nice and welcoming. I'm sure whoever wins your tickets will love the taping!

Daniella said...

Lisa - Yes! That was me. what a fun day yesterday! See you at the meet up :)

Connie - We should have planned to look out for each other, lol! I knew I "knew" more people there but hard to know who was who, hahaha... I'll see you at the meetup!

Jason | These Roving Eyes said...

Great photos! Very nice!

Rambling Renovators said...

I still haven't seen a pic of you so I'm not sure if I "saw" you yesterday, lol! It was a great show. Hope it will be just as fun at the Blogger meetup!

Nicole* said...

BBQ made with Dr Pepper? I'd love to try that - I'll keep an eye out for the recipe :)

and did they do the makeup of the people on the front row in the audience?

Simply Seductive said...

So much fun! I'd love to be considered for the tickets.

All the best,

Linda, xo

Mama Ash said...

I see myself in the background, I so need a breast reduction, LOL! But I nursed for 16 months!!
What a lot of fun, great photo's!

wishful nals said...

looks like soooo much fun!!!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

That was you standing in front of us in the line up then? We were trying to figure out why there were two lines. Wish I had introduced myself because I love your blog!

Daniella said...

Vanessa - It was me! I wish we all had nametags or something! It was so hard to try and guess who's who, lol... too funny. We'll need nametags for our meetup for sure!

Sarah Klassen said...

How fun! great pictures, too, Daniella. I feel like I was there -- so much fun. I don't think I would be able to make it to the show, but I wanted to stop by and say thank you for sharing these pictures :)

Tara Kenney said...

I would love the tickets! Thanks for sharing.


P.S. Ribs marinating in coke are wonderful too... The pop breaks down the meat to make it soft and wonderful! :)

martha brown said...

I'm in Toronto, so I'd love to win! I just love Steven and Chris -- I used to see them occasionally taping their old show in my neighbourhood -- they are so fun!

Tanya said...

I'm an avid follower of your blog and live in Toronto and love Steven and Chris - so naturally, I would be a great candidate for the ticket giveaway!!!
Thanks for sharing!
[email: tawny_br@hotmail.com]

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