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Over the Christmas break I finally got a chance to see Black Swan and it was so, so good. I saw the trailer quite some time ago and had been dying to see it. Seriously creepy, with so many twists and turns. It was amazing. I kind of want to go back a second time. I just love the how well the creepy aspect was mixed with something so elegant and beautiful as ballet. Natalie Portman is perfect for the part, and how lucky of her to get to wear those gorgeous Rodarte costumes! If you get the chance to see it I highly recommend it. I'm all ballet-obsessed now. And for some extra creepiness, visit ijustwantobeperfect.com (I wouldn't look before bed though, just saying...)

I can't wait for this is come out on DVD!

Photos: Black Swan, costumes sketches by Rodarte


Fay said...

yes I hope it comes to florence soon , sounds amzing Happy new year and looking forward to all your lovely postings fay xxx

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh thanks for the heads up, sounds really good. Will be sure to catch it.

Captivated by image said...

Can't wait till this movie is in cinema's in Holland, I'm not sure when that is.. Gorgeous costume sketsches!

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

This looks incredible. I picked up the flyer the other day and was spellbound. It is released in Australia in a few weeks and I just can't wait to see it.
Sophie x

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

I couldn't breathe the whole time I was watching that movie!!
It was so compelling.
I want to see it again, too!!

Designwali said...

I'm my must see list too...gotta love the holidays...lots of movie watching for me!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Your post was so gorgeous- definitely wanting to see this one!

kristyb said...

its not out until the end o the month here boo!

Suite Henry said...

I can't wait to see it either.
I was never in ballet but I'm totally captivated by that world.
My husband got me ballet tickets for Christmas. We're going on Thursday so maybe I should wait to see the creepier side of that world until after I've been wowed ;)

Daniella said...

Fay - I hope you get to see it soon, it's worth it! Thanks for your sweet comment too!

DJ - It's a must see for sure!

Captivated by Image - The costume are so, so pretty in the movie. You'll love them!

Sophie - It's so good, hope you enjoy it once it's out!

Anita - Me neither! I was totally stressed the whole time, lol...

Designwali - I know, this is the best time to catch up on movies you want to see! I watched Salt the other night too... another good Angelina movie!

Christine - Thanks! Hope you get to see it!

Kristy - It'll be worth the wait though :)

Suite Henry - You'll be wowed by the ballet in the movie too, I can't believe how well she actual did. That's a lot of training. Hope you have fun at the actual ballet though! I love going :)

Michele said...

I was on the edge of my seat the entire film. Natalie Portman was absolutely incredible. It's really a statement on passion and the dangers of pushing too hard for perfection.

Oh, and yes the costumes and make up are stunning!

A must see!

Space by Eliana Tomas said...

i'm so desperate to see this movie. i'm sure it's going to be great, inspiring yet sad, with anger and happiness at the same time. i believe i've seen all the videos and trailers online. hope i don't have to wait too much long.
the selections of pictures you made are all beautiful.

Sarah Klassen said...

I would LOVE to see it... anything with lovely Natalie in it will be a great movie, I believe... and ballet? Definitely! Pretty photos, Daniella :)


The Iconic Blog.com said...

Stunning shots and sketches!x

Anonymous said...

Great cinematography and costumes. I saw Barney's Version too. It was really good also.
Btw, thought you might like this blog by one of the girls who is behind the new online mag Matchbook launching at the end of January

ashley @ ashleynicolecatherine said...

YES. this movie was absolutely stunning. as a dancer, i was SO happy to finanly see a good movie about dance.


Suite Henry said...

I read the new Vogue article with her. Apparently she started training the year before filming, two hours a day. At the six month mark it was five hours a day then two months prior to filming it was like eight hours a day because they added choreography and cross training!

It all makes my head spin :)

Giselle said...

Can't wait to see this movie! Love Natalie Portman, what a great actress. Have a Happy New Year!


la reina cotilla said...

I saw the movie and Portman is great, great movie.

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