busy start...

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend went well, and Happy Monday to you! A little late, but it was a busy, busy day with yoga, work, and crossing off a few things from the to-do list.

A little sad to see the weekend go, but it was a good one with healthy cooking, movie watching, and a sunny winter walk - long-johns included, lol. I didn't get all my Christmas decorations put away, i'll probably work on it throughout the week, but I did have some decorating thoughts along the way as I took everything down. I found some great, neutral pillows for the livingroom coach and have a few ideas for some art for the walls - finally! Let's hope this idea sticks... there's so much inspiration out there, i'm always changing my mind!

Have a good week!


Splendid Sass said...

Love the entire outfit, especially the jacket!
You will get the decorations cleared in time.
Have a nice week.

A said...

I just got throw pillows for my couch! They're chocolate brown and soft, and they really do change the look of it!

I can't wait to see your new purchases!

annawithlove said...

there is something about photographs of well put together working women that get me feeling motivated!


Atelier Turner said...

Yeah...I'm plagued with this designer disease as well. It's such a curse...I can never make up my mind when it comes to my own home, therefore, the walls stay bare. Ugh!

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