monday morning + 2 winners!

Bonjour everyone, hope you all had a great weekend... mine was low-key and totally relaxed. Had lots of time to read and catch up on a few to-do's. It was nice to sort of re-organize some thoughts, you know? One thing I learned - Saturday morning yoga is amazing and a perfect way to start the weekend!

So here we go again, a brand new week, with some lucky winners of the Emma Stine giveaway... Caitlin of Sacramento Street & Caroline of Sunday Evening! Congrats ladies! I'll be in touch soon. Thank you to everyone who entered :)

Have a great Monday!

Photos: Tumblr, Lonny Magazine


Eleni said...

Some times the weather knows how to change our plans for our benefit! I took advantage of the rain two days now and relaxed at home! It was fantastic..
Have a great week Daniella!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Congrats to the winners and lovely pictures this morning. And ps, I just started a john murphy giveaway this morning that I think you might like;)

connie said...

so lovely.. i haven"t been blogging as much but its so good so see that your blog is still such a gem!! :D

hope you can stop by again..just did an update on my shoe cloet! inspired mostly by your posts :)



The Charlie Press said...

That 'boujour' image is just too sweet!

Sarah Klassen said...

so pretty & congratulations to the lucky winners!

mandyface said...

Glad you had a weekend to get caught up :) These images are so so pretty!

Caitlin said...

OMG, just realized I won! Happy dance! Happy dance!

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