let's go to the country house...

I love how nice and welcoming these kitchens both look. The black check looks especially fitting whether it's just a little on a table cloth or a lot with a statement floor. They both look like a family gathering could take place any minute, or maybe just a cup of tea with a friend who stopped by. Plus, I think it looks great when items are kept neatly outside of the cupboards, hanging off overhead bars, or gathered in jugs & ceramic vases... gorgeous!

Photos: Scans by Dress, Design & Decor from Setting Up Home by Gail Abbott, photographer Christopher Drake


Andrea @ strawberry-chic said...

Beautiful kitchen. I love the storage ideas as well. I have a very small kitchen and am always looking for ways to save space!

sofia said...

So nice and calm, This really reminds me of sweden and the countryside style.

I love your blog <3

Terri said...

Both of these kitchens look so inviting! That second one makes me want to go out and search for a black-checked tablecloth. :-)

Andrea @ Andrea Reh said...

I love country kitchens - I am beginning to feel as though I was meant to live in the country, and spend my time baking and cooking hearty stews.

Andrea x

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